Start with Yourself (Eradicate Illiteracy)

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Service Vision

Every Christian, deprived of education, is enabled to read and write, and acquires the basic spiritual, health, and skill knowledge.

Service Mission

Eradicating the illiteracy of every Christian, unable to read and write, and developing him/her spiritually, health-wise and skills-wise.

Service Description

It is a program that aims at teaching the adults to read and write and develops them in various fields.

The service is founded on 4 developmental axes :


There is a special book on spiritual development which aims at teaching some Christian principles that are conveyed through characters and events from the Holy Bible, which engages the people served to the Church, to praying and to reading the Holy Bible.
To ease communication, there are illustrations next to the verses in the book to convey the spiritual message easily to the people served. At the end of every story, there is a spiritual moral.


It is divided into 2 phases:
- First Phase:
The first level book + workbook + illustrative tools / demonstrative means to facilitate and simplify the information taught in the curriculum (4- 5 months duration)
At the end of Phase 1: The student sits for an assessment test to pass or fail this level.
- Second Phase:

The second level book + Mathematics book (3 months duration)
By the end of the two phases, the people served/students should be able to pass the exam of the Adult Education Authority to receive the Education Illiteracy Certificate, issued by the Ministry of Education.


A book that is divided into a set of chapters that contain some information on health and public hygiene, and other community-related subjects, such as:
- Healthy eating habits
- Preventive measures against some common diseases
- First aid (sun stroke, burns, wounds, animal bites)
- Some general topics
(addiction, female circumcision, violence against women, …)

Skills Development

Discovering the skills / talents of the people served, help improving them and enrolling them in small projects such as:
needlework, tailoring, accessory-making …etc.