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Our Vision

Every Christian is a spiritual servant, capable of developing himself/herself and his/her community.

Our Mission

We, servants of Anba Abraam, participate in developing the mindset of the members of the Coptic Orthodox Church, to achieve their mission to save themselves and the world, through preparing local development servants in the dioceses and empowering them to design, execute and monitor updated integrated programs of development to support the local churches on their mission to serve their people and community.

Our programs

Anba Abraam Development Services seek to provide a set of integrated programs that the community needs in various dioceses. In addition to the educational programs provided by Anba Abraam's Service for adults and children, it also provides a set of developmental programs to prepare local development servants in the various dioceses to design, execute and monitor renewable programs to serve people in need and the community as whole.

Educational programs for children and adults

Sustainable development programs

Integrated medical services

Success Stories

“The village servants came to visit, they told me about the King’s Daughters Service and I decided to go. Here, they highlighted the importance of education to my life and encouraged me to learn. I applied for school and achieved my vocational diploma, now I come to serve here and help other school dropout girls. This service changed my life and was a source of joy for me.”

-From School Dropouts Service for Girls-

Appreciation About Our Work

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